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Ningbo Morelux Pole Technology Co.Ltd

Company: 17 / f, guangbo international trade building, No. 1357 yinxian avenue, yinzhou district, ningbo, zhejiang

Factory: No.399, longfei road, meichi industrial zone, yunlong town, yinzhou district, ningbo

Phone:Mr. You 13806670789  

              Mr. Cao 13901951289

Tel:0574-8806 7182 / 8901 7271




  • Spin aluminium lamp pole

    Spinning aluminum lamp pole is a kind of aluminum lamp pole, which is manufactured by spinning.This kind of lamp pole can be widely used with street lamp, court...
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  • Aluminium alloy flagpole

      Aluminium alloy flagpole1. Good anticorrosion performance and maintenance-free.Aluminum alloy monitoring rod will completely change the iron, stainless stee...
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  • What is aluminium alloy road lamp pole

      What is aluminium alloy road lamp pole at present, the road lamp pole that our country street lamp industry USES is iron lamp pole commonly.The cost perform...
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  • Guangzhou guangya exhibition 2015 5.2a02

    2015 guangzhou guangya exhibitionNingbo Morelux Pole Technology Co.Ltd Booth no. 5.2a02
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  • What are the advantages of aluminum light poles

    productadvantagesdisadvantagesIron poleHigh strengthEasy to rot and rustIt weighs three times as much as aluminum and is expensive to transport and installLow r...
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  • The differentiation strategy of lamps and lanterns must be carried out to the end

      The differentiation strategy of lamps and lanterns must be carried out to the end. After several years of rapid development, the lamps and lanterns industry...
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  • Lighting industry is gradually moving towards a healthy and rational development path

      As light pole increasingly fierce market competition, each manufacturer of constantly improve production technology, product quality, performance, basic pha...
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  • Morelux aluminium lamp outlet is exported to the Middle East

    Morelux aluminum lamp pole exported to Middle East.The Middle East region is windy, near the sea salt corrosion is strong, the traditional iron lamp pole is not...
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  • Street lamps lit up the small village

      Street lamp lighting in a small village is a common thing in our life, but it is not a common thing for the villagers in banshantu village of zhangjiawan to...
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  • Energy-saving emission reduction and beautiful aluminum alloy lamp pole

      Aluminium alloy lamp pole, can save energy to reduce emission namely more beautiful.Its application in foreign countries, especially some developed countrie...
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  • 2014 Hong Kong autumn international lighting exhibition

    We sincerely invite you to attend the 2014 Hong Kong autumn international lighting exhibition.Time: October 27 -- October 30 venue: booth no. Gh-p22, Hong Kong ...
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