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What is aluminium alloy road lamp pole



What is aluminium alloy road lamp pole at present, the road lamp pole that our country street lamp industry USES is iron lamp pole commonly.The cost performance of iron lamp pole is higher, but the weight of iron lamp pole is big, anticorrosive property is general.Even through the hot galvanized treatment of iron lamp pole, also can only achieve corrosion protection for about 10 years.How to solve these problems?So the clever man invented the aluminum lamp pole.Today let small make up to introduce the aluminum alloy lamp pole.

Aluminium alloy road lamp pole appears relatively short time.At present in our country, only a few developed cities have used aluminum alloy street lamp pole.General city won't use aluminium alloy road lamp pole.The reason is that the raw material of aluminum alloy lamppost is much more expensive than that of ordinary lamppost.So, the aluminium alloy that the production comes out lamp pole also should be more expensive than common lamp pole.Even so, price restrictions have not stopped the popularity of aluminium lamp-posts.At present, the European Union has stipulated that only aluminum alloy lamp posts can be used on both sides of the road.Why not an iron light pole?The reason is very simple, the advantage of aluminium alloy road lamp pole is iron lamp pole place does not have.

Aluminum lamppost has many advantages, several of which are very prominent.The first outstanding advantage is the aluminum alloy road lamp pole corrosion resistance is good.Aluminum alloy lamppost production does not need to go through galvanized and other anti-corrosion treatment, because its own material is very difficult to be corroded.In that case, it doesn't need any maintenance.The second advantage is that it is very light, which is very convenient for transportation and installation.Such light aluminium alloy road lamp pole can be taken when installing insert type installation, and it resists wind sex to be strong, amplitude is small.In addition, there is an advantage that aluminum alloy road lamp pole can be 100% recycled, belongs to the energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.





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