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Ningbo Morelux Pole Technology Co.Ltd

Company: 17 / f, guangbo international trade building, No. 1357 yinxian avenue, yinzhou district, ningbo, zhejiang

Factory: No.399, longfei road, meichi industrial zone, yunlong town, yinzhou district, ningbo

Phone:Mr. You 13806670789  

              Mr. Cao 13901951289

Tel:0574-8806 7182 / 8901 7271




Lighting industry is gradually moving towards a healthy and rational development path




As light pole increasingly fierce market competition, each manufacturer of constantly improve production technology, product quality, performance, basic phase, the competition between each manufacturer are highlighted in the product after-sales service, as a result, manufacturers must be aware of the importance of service, and will serve as the main competitive advantages of enterprises to obtain market share, at the same time, provide consumers with high quality service has become an important means of manufacturer for long-term survival, because it not only creates more value for consumers, but also become an important hub connecting users and manufacturers, and with the augmentation of the enterprise service consciousness, gradually establish a perfect serviceThe system will eventually push the whole lighting industry towards a healthy and rational development path.

Heigh quality directly affects the performance and use fixed number of year, so you need to attention, when the choose and buy a product, the key points should be paid attention to the following aspects: first, choose domestic formal manufacturers, product brand, not to buy too cheap price products, at the same time pay attention to ask for the formal invoice, the invoice, the contract must indicate the name of the product, specification, quantity, price, amount, etc.;Next, pay attention to check specification or outer packing, whether the enterprise has passed the quality system certification, whether the product has passed the mandatory product certification such as 3C certification.In addition, it is also important to check the inspection report, especially check whether the anti-shock protection, durability test and other items in the inspection report are qualified.Third, check whether the product identification is complete.Formal products should be marked at least: trademark or manufacturer name, product model specifications, rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power, rated power and other safety labels are particularly important.





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