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Spin aluminium lamp pole


Spinning aluminum lamp pole is a kind of aluminum lamp pole, which is manufactured by spinning.This kind of lamp pole can be widely used with street lamp, courtyard lamp, combination lamp, Chinese lamp, landscape lamp lawn lamp, etc., compared with ordinary iron lamp pole, spin aluminum lamp pole is an integral whole, which makes up for the defect that aluminum lamp pole cannot do more than 5 meters due to technological reasons in the past.With spinning aluminum technology, aluminum lamp pole in the strength of the lamp pole greatly improved, can easily do 10 meters lamp pole.Moreover, spinning aluminum lamp pole one-time molding, which do not need welding, bending and other steps, so spinning aluminum lamp pole can be made into different modeling, such as concave and convex, or graceful.The surface of the lamp pole is smooth, dustproof graffiti and permanent not rusting, corrosion resistance is strong, compared with iron lamp pole, save galvanized, plastic spraying and other technological process.

In terms of transportation, the spinning aluminum lamp pole is light in weight, simple in transportation, convenient in installation, safe in on-site installation and construction, with high quality assurance of the rod body and low melting point of the lamp pole, which can be recycled 100%.

Molks adopts international advanced equipment in spinning aluminum lamp pole technology, with obvious technical advantages and numerous categories.






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