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Ningbo morelux aluminum lamp pole becomes a new favorite



With the closing of the Olympic Games, this blank situation has been broken by two enterprises in changzhou and ningbo, China, ningbo molex aluminum light pole has become a new favorite. The aluminum road light pole made in China has crossed the border from the above two places to various large-scale venues and high-grade highways in Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

Ningbo molks light pole technology co. Ltd. is one of the first two people to eat crab.

Ningbo molks light pole technology co., LTD is located in ningbo yunlong meichi industrial zone, with a standard workshop of 40,000 square meters.The parent company is ningbo molex lighting lighting co., LTD., which has been specializing in the production of outdoor lighting appliances for nearly 20 years.Enterprise founder ye zenghui starts with street lamp, now has 4 economic entities of ningbo ai industry, ningbo longyuan import and export company, ningbo molks light pole company and ningbo molks lighting lighting company.The profit section of the company comes from the deep cooperation in OEM/ODM with the top well-known companies at home and abroad.

The data show that aluminum lamppost has been used in the world for more than 30 years.When China took off, it had a market share of up to 30% in America, 20% in Europe and less than 1% in China.China's national conditions and national strength directly affect the large area and high degree of development and application of aluminum lamppost.

Mox production of American standard aluminum lamp pole, quality, novel and beautiful.Main material using 6063 high strength aluminum profile, the introduction of the United States advanced high-speed spinning process, cold processing, lighting pole once molding.It has six major advantages:

1. Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, especially in the coastal saline and alkaline areas.

Second, light weight, easy to load and unload, easy construction, density is two-thirds of iron, can reduce the weight of the bridge across the sea, across the river, increase safety and reliability.

Three, 20 years shelf life, free of maintenance.The shelf life of iron lamp pole is 1 year normally, service life is highest 3-5 years, maintenance cost is high, rust phenomenon is serious, comprehensive use cost is higher than aluminium lamp pole.

Four, high recycling rate, green environmental protection, salvage rate is higher than the iron lamp pole many times, with 4 meters of iron lamp pole calculation, iron lamp pole scrap salvage value about 40 yuan, and aluminum lamp pole salvage value is up to more than 130 yuan, more than three times the iron lamp pole.

Five, high safety, on the highway by the car hit the case, aluminum products have the characteristics of a buffer, a buffer process, plus the light, the degree of injury to the human body and vehicles far small iron lamp pole.

Six, the design is various, does not need the mold, the routine, the special-shaped all may cold press molding, the plasticity is much stronger than the iron lamp pole.

The manufacturing process of molex aluminum lamp pole is technically demanding. The cold processing retains the internal molecular structure of the material. Two automatic ring welds, after T6 heat treatment, strengthen the strength of the welded parts.6063 main material after more than 30 years of application shows that it is the most ideal lamp pole material at present.The base adopts a3656-t6 material and adopts low pressure casting process, which strengthens the reliability and stability of the whole lamp pole.

Molks aluminum lamp pole according to the strict and harsh American standards and production, after four years of cultivation, investment of more than 50 million yuan, now, east China's largest automatic aluminum oxide line declaration has been approved.The company's products have been flown over the sea, the United States Florida part of the premium highway has been widely used molks quality products.

By the end of 2013, molex plans to add six fully automatic production lines for aluminum light poles, with an estimated output value of 200 million yuan by 2014.

In may, molex aluminum lamppost made a surprise appearance at the LIGHT FAIR in Philadelphia, USA, where it won a creative award for its innovative product design.

In June, the head of VALMONT, the world's largest aluminum lamp-pole manufacturer, came to China and visited molex's lamp-pole samples. He witnessed molex's welding process and expressed his willingness to cooperate with molex on aluminum lamp-pole.





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