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The safety of aluminium material qualitative lamp pole


  铝材质灯杆的安全性Ningbo morelux light pole technology co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of ningbo eli group, which has been committed to the design and development of aluminum light poles for a long time.In China, we have successfully provided and matched aluminum lamp poles for many sports venues, exhibition centers, schools, industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies, residential communities, etc.The introduction and learning of foreign new product ideas and new manufacturing techniques has been an important reason for moorks to maintain the vitality of their products.Aluminum alloy conical flagpole, sentry box, balcony baluster supporting production, linear door and fence products and electronic security products combined with the application, means that the southern sky people will security protection scheme design more comprehensive, more scientific, more intelligent.Molks was the first manufacturer to introduce modern spinning technology to produce aluminum alloy rods.In the domestic lighting industry dominated by steel light pole, the appearance of aluminum alloy light pole undoubtedly represents an avant-garde, a noble and elegant incomparable by other materials.Aluminium alloy lamp pole is quite mature product in euramerican country, wait like France, Poland, Netherlands.Now morelux will introduce aluminum alloy light pole to China, will completely change the foreign aluminum pole because of high prices, long delivery cycle and no interest in the situation.For safety reasons, the European Union has made it mandatory that light poles must be made of aluminum alloy, and this regulation has been gradually implemented.That's because when a moving vehicle hits an aluminum pole, the pole bends so that the vehicle is cushioned, the car doesn't stop and the person inside doesn't fly out the window.And the aluminum bar by virtue of its own toughness, will not break and hurt passers-by.When the same happened to steel rods, the results were quite different.Aluminum is also environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and melting at a much lower temperature than steel, in response to global calls to conserve energy and reduce emissions.Aluminium alloy lamp pole by right of its fluent line, smooth and clean and exquisite surface, rich expression form won the welcome of masses.





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