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Morelux: usher in a new era of aluminum light poles




Morelux: a few days ago, ningbo molex lamp-post technology co., LTD has signed the contract of supply of aluminum lamp-post with Beijing west lake and nanjing youth Olympic Games, becoming the first aluminum lamp-post manufacturer in China.

"Morelux" is committed to the production of various types of high-quality aluminum lamp poles, the introduction of advanced high-speed spinning technology from the United States, the lamp pole without welding in one molding.

Since 2008, "moxx" has been adhering to the "three-high" path of high investment, high technology and high starting point, purchasing 50 mu of land in yunlong meichi industrial zone and moving the owner's factory to yunlong.At present, the company has invested more than 80 million yuan.

After the production of high-grade aluminum alloy lamp pole and flagpole, will replace the traditional domestic iron lamp pole.Due to the lack of other similar enterprises in China, general manager ye zenghui visited the United States, Canada and other large manufacturers of aluminum lamp poles, and hired foreign engineers and designers.At present, there are 5 foreign engineers and designers to stay in the company, the installation and debugging of equipment and product development.

Due to the current economic downturn, the overall decline of foreign trade, export slowed, domestic labor costs rise adverse economic factors, the company adhere to the "three high" way.Last year's sales of 60 million yuan, this year is expected to exceed 100 million, the output value will reach nearly 300 million yuan in two years.

Compared with the traditional iron pole, the aluminum lamp pole is light in weight, 1/3 of the iron pole.At present, the company has reached strategic partnership intention with vermont, the world's largest lamppost enterprise.





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