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Process introduction of spinning aluminum alloy lamp pole



Spinning aluminum alloy light pole process introduction

Molex is the first independent production of spinning aluminum alloy light pole, special-shaped light pole manufacturers.

The aluminum alloy lamp pole is manufactured by using advanced spinning equipment and non-core nc technology.

The product will never rust.Diversified surface treatment technology makes the appearance simple and smooth.

The new lamp pole makes up for the traditional lamp pole easy to rust, the design is single, the surface is rough, the mold fee is high, not the environmental protection shortcoming, is widely used in the European and American countries.At present, we can not only produce regular models, but also design and produce according to the specific requirements of customers.It has a complete set of assembly line equipment from raw material processing, bar body forming, strength treatment and surface treatment.Bar body without welding, the whole one time forming.

Production process of aluminum alloy tapered flagpole:

1, the use of 6063 industrial aluminum alloy pipe as the raw material (to ensure the late bar system, the strength and roundness of the material) 2, the use of CNC spinning technology (to ensure the bar body roundness) 3, after the high-temperature quenching treatment, artificial failure, so that the bar body to reach the state of T6.4. Anodic oxidation or fluorocarbon spraying shall be applied on the surface (to ensure the overall anti-corrosion performance of the rod).

Conventional aluminum alloy lamp poles are cast aluminum.Avoid the defects of conventional aluminum alloy lamp pole manufacturing process:

1. The bar body shall not be treated in any way and its strength shall not be guaranteed.

2. The rod body shall not be surface treated, and the anti-corrosion performance shall not be guaranteed.

3. The roundness of the bar body cannot be guaranteed.

Product features:

1, high quality aluminum tube does not rust.The high quality aluminum alloy building profile ensures the corrosion resistance of the product in the natural environment.2. Light weight.Aluminum alloy lamp pole received the characteristics of high intensity of aluminum, light weight, the same specifications of the lamp pole, the weight of aluminum lamp pole is only 1/3 of iron lamp pole;Convenient installation and transportation;The surface is clean and flawless.We choose high-quality aluminum tube as the raw material, the surface of the lamp pole is smooth and delicate, perfectly presents the color of aluminum alloy metal;3. Surface treatment process:

Anodic oxidation surface treatment.After the product is anodized, 20mum sealing film is formed to ensure the corrosion resistance of the lamp pole in any natural environment and no obvious discoloration of the rod body within 25 years.

Powder powder spray surface treatment.The surface of lamp pole can undertake colour gathers the spray of powder of paint powder end, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, fight ultraviolet ray, do not fade.

4. The rod body can be recovered and reused 100%, with low melting temperature, energy saving and emission reduction in response to national policies.

Applicable places: residential area, square, park, school, commercial street, etc.







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