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Our country city lamp pole illuminates demand to be higher and higher



At the present stage, the demand for lighting in China's cities is getting higher and higher, and the installation and management of products are also in continuous development. With the acceleration of the construction of the whole city, a series of problems are gradually exposed in the installation process, which have aroused extensive attention from the society.In recent years, although many urban roads have been installed with this product and the construction is basically complete, in many cities in China, although the street is bright enough, the surrounding trees cover most of the light, which cannot completely illuminate the road surface, bringing great inconvenience to pedestrians and vehicles.Therefore, the installation must be done.

The establishment of enterprise brand must consider the characteristics of the target consumer group and match the needs of the target consumer group.Should consider the characteristics of the product itself, can be the lamp pole market segmentation, with different positioning to meet the different needs of consumers;In enterprise when carries on the brand positioning to brand personality and performance with competitors, understanding the way competitors to create brand is the key to create brand differentiation, it often on the analysis of the localization strategy competition at present and the past, only to achieve the enemy and know yourself, to make their own brand positioning more accurate.

Lamp pole design to uphold the safe and reliable, advanced technology, economic and reasonable, energy saving, easy maintenance of the principle, but also in line with the current national and industry standards or standards.The detail type, specification and appearance of the product quality should meet the requirement of design, must ensure the urban road lighting, vehicle drivers and pedestrians can create a good visual environment, so as to guarantee the traffic safety, improve the efficiency of transportation, convenient people's life, to prevent crime and beautify the urban environment effect.





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