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The taxi caught fire and crashed into a traffic light pole


出租车“上火”自燃 撞向交通信号灯杆

Taxi "shanghuo" spontaneous combustion crashed into the traffic signal light pole (new road) "fast edge, dangerous!"Mr. Li was standing at the intersection waiting for the red light to cross the road when he was startled by a cry of surprise. He looked up and saw a taxi rushing towards him with a fireball "overhead".

A taxi caught fire at the intersection of chaoyang street and liucheng road yesterday, but no one was injured.

Yesterday at around 40 points, when the reporter arrived at the scene, see the flame has been successfully put out and two fire engines parked on one side of the road, rescue workers are preparing to leave, gathered on the sidewalk of a citizen, the crowd, a burned-out taxi Angle on the edge of the road, stop car is still on a traffic signal light pole, engine cover and four fan and open the doors, car were badly burned, recognition, on the ground.

"It was coming down the sidewalk wrapped in flames, but luckily there was a light pole, and if it hadn't stopped it, the car would have had to come down the sidewalk."According to a witness, when the incident, the spontaneous combustion taxi originally is running from north to south along the chaoyang street, only to find that when the dealership to it a crossroads, a car suddenly starts smoke, found, after the situation bad drivers quickly open the door, jumped out, a taxi in case of "unmanned", toward the road edge inclined to come in and went straight into the traffic signal lamp post.

"The whole front of the car was on fire and flames were coming up, and people were scared."The witness said someone immediately called 110 and 119 for help.In the face of the fire, traffic police immediately to the passing vehicles and onlookers to evacuate, the scene to implement security alert, at the same time, fire personnel sent water gun and other equipment to extinguish the fire, the fire was finally under control.

And concerned personage analysis, said it "autumn" outbursts, at noon, the climate is hot and dry, easy to produce static electricity, car spontaneous combustion events prone, quite a few of them are caused by short circuit, therefore, to remind the general owners, at ordinary times should be regularly to maintain/repair vehicle lines, prevent the happening of the similar situation ahead of time.





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